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Jennifer Brigati

Jennifer Brigati - Received her B.S. in 2000 from Southampton College of Long Island University. PhD student in the Biomedical Sciences program (2000-2005). Research was focused on the development of phage probes for detection of B. anthracis Sterne spores. Currently - Assistant Professor at Maryville College, Maryville, TN.

I-Hsuan Chen

I-Hsuan Chen - received her B.S. in 1997 from Soochow University at Taiwan and a M.S. in 2001 from Auburn University. Currently a Research Associate. Participates in development and evolutionary improvement of diagnostic probe against B.anthracis and Salmonella.

Kelley Franz

Galina Kouzmitcheva

Galina Kouzmitcheva received a M.S. in 1978 from Kuibishev State University (Russia), a Ph.D. in 1992 from Institute of Molecular Biology, "Vector", Novosibirsk (Russia). Currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow. Research is focused on design of phage display libraries, development of diagnostic phage-derived probes and their evolutionary improvement. Selected publications:

  1. G.A. Kouzmitcheva, V.A. Petrenko and G.P. Smith. Identifying diagnostic peptides for Lyme disease through epitope discovery. Clin. Diagn. Lab. Immunol. 2001 Jan;8 (1):150-60.
  2. Kouzmitcheva G.A., Kuvshinov V.N., Razumov I.A., Ivanisenko V.A., Eroshkin A.M., Mishin V.P. Oreshkova S.F., Loktev V.B., Ilyichev A.A. Sandakhchiev L.S. Mapping of hemaglutination activity domain of glycoprotein E2 of alphaviruses using pahe display library. Dokladi Academii Nauk, 1997 V.353 (1): 113-116.

Jane Mount

Jane Mount - Received a B.S in 1971 from Lambuth College in Jackson, TN, a M.Ed. in 1979, a M.S. in 1996 and a PhD. in 2001 from Auburn University. Post-Doctoral Fellow (2002-2004). Research was focused on development of phage probes for gene delivery and biological testing.

Iryna Sorokulova

Iryna Sorokulova - Visiting Professor from Ukraine (2002-2004). Received her M.S. from Kiev State University (Ukraine), Doctor of Philosophy degree in Microbiology and Doctor of Science degree in Microbiology from Institute of Microbiology and Virology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

Sergey N. Ustinov

Sergey N. Ustinov - Research Scholar from Russia. Received his M.D. from Novosibirsk Medical Academy (1998). The main research interests are focused on molecular diagnostics and phage arrays. Select publications:

  1. M.I. Voevoda, S.N. Ustinov, N.S. Yudin, M.M. Dolgikh, T.N. Kuznetsova, V.N. Maksimov, I.V. Kulikov, A.A. Gromov, A.V. Shabalin, E.V. Semaeva, V.F. Kobzev, S.R. Baum, V.V. Gafarov, S.K. Malyutina, A.G. Romaschenko, Yu.P. Nikitin. "Association of chemokine receptor CCR2 polymorphism with myocardial infarction." Doklady Biological Sciences, V.385, 2002, pp.367-370. (Translated from Reports of Russian Academy of Science. 2002. V.385(2). P.279-282).
  2. M.I. Voevoda, V.N. Maksimov,.V. Kulikov, A.G. Romashchenko, S.N. Ustinov, S.R. Baum, N.S., Yudin, M.I. Nikitin Yu.P. "Polymorphism of c-fms and CCR5 genes are expressed in macrophages: frequency distributions of alleles and genotypes in some ethnic groups of Northern Asia." Sbornik statei. Izdatelstvo NII arheologii I etnographii SO RAN. 2003
  3. T.N. Kouznetsova, M.I. Voevoda, O.A. Podkolodnaya, I.V. Kulikov, V.F. Kobzev, S.N. Ustinov, S.K. Maliutina, N.I. Logvinenko, N.V. Cherdinzeva, Yu.V. Tumanov, O.A. Morozova, V.A. Baum, A.G.Romaschenko "Analysis of polymorphism of human c-fms gene (425) in 11 intron: allele frequencies in several Russian populations and possible functional significance." Genetics (Russian). 2004. V.40 (1). P.102-11.
  4. A.G. Romashchenko, E.V. Schakhschneider, I.V. Kulikov, S.N. Ustinov, N.S. Yudin, M.I. Voevoda. "Apo E gene polymorphysm and its connection with blood lipid levels in different ethnic groups of North Asia." Sbornik statei. Izdatelstvo NII arheologii I etnographii SO RAN. 2003.
  5. A.G. Romashchenko, V.N. Maksimov,.V. Kulikov, S.N. Ustinov, S.R. Baum, N.S., Yudin, M.I. Voevoda. "Insertion-deletion polymorphism of ACE gene in different ethnic groups of Central and Nort-Eastern Asia and Western Siberia.&qout; Sbornik statei. Izdatelstvo NII arheologii I etnographii SO RAN. 2003.

Chuanling Xu

Chuanling Xu - Ph.D. student. Received her M.S. from College of Human Science, Auburn University at 2005.

  1. Xunhai Zhang, and Chuanling Xu. Food Microbiology Laboratory Manual. Anhui Techinical Teachers College Press. 1993.
  2. Chuanling Xu, and Qin Yao. Upon the Factors Affecting the Fermentation of Soybean Yogurt. Journal of Anhui Technical Teachers College. 1995. 9(3): 41-47.
  3. Fengkuan Zhang, Chuanling Xu, and Huazheng Cai. Technology of Livestock Products Processing. Jilin Science and technical Press. 1997.
  4. Chuanling Xu, and Xianbao Li. Guide of Livestock Products Processing Experiment. Anhui Technical Teachers College Press. 1995.
  5. Zhong Zhang, Chuanling Xu, and Shoujiang Chen. Designing a Fast Food Meal by Rice and Oat Flour. Journal of Anhui Technical Teachers College. 1997. 11 (3): 36-40.
  6. Chuanling Xu, and Huazheng Cai. The Change of Nutrition Concepts and Strategy on Diet. Journal of Anhui Technical Teachers College. 1998. 6: 53-55.

Kiril A. Vaglenov

Kiril A. Vaglenov - Ph.D. student.

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